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Press Release 5 January 2015

Demographix Helpdesk updates give a competitive advantage

LONDON UK: The Demographix Helpdesk service has been given a significant upgrade, making it easier for users to create and manage Helpdesk tickets. The company has an industry-leading set of policies on user support and efficient helpdesk response times, giving its customers a competitive advantage.

Quick problem-solving and technical support means Demographix customers do not have lost and unproductive days waiting for supplier response. Among the new enhancements are threaded conversations, survey name clip, embedded FAQ links, and a new ticket interface that makes it easier to sort tickets, check status, and update personal details.

"From Day One, our company ethos has been to provide the very best customer support available in the online research industry," said Demographix marketing director Bobby Pickering. "Our customers recognise that timely helpdesk response increases their overall productivity. It is a serious hidden cost to users if it takes 24 hours for helpdesk staff to respond to a query."

Among the many new features included in the upgraded Helpdesk are:

  • Ticket search and sort: Helpdesk tickets now have a Search mechanism to quickly locate a specific ticket. The interface to the list of a user's Helpdesk tickets is now greatly enhanced, including a Status column showing if a ticket has been answered, updated or completed. Columns can be alphabetically sorted (on ID number, Subject, Survey name, Date, and Status) by clicking the header at the top of the column. Plus there's a "Show Only Open Tickets" button to sort out unclosed tickets.
  • Survey name clip: When submitting a new Helpdesk ticket, you can now quickly attach the name of the survey to which your ticket relates. Your most recently accessed surveys are shown in a dropdown menu. If the survey is older, or if your query does not relate to a survey, you can choose to enter details manually.
  • Threaded conversations: Regular Helpdesk users will be delighted to hear that we have introduced threaded conversations, to make tracking of updates and additional comments (by both Users and Helpdesk staff) much easier to follow.
  • Embedded FAQ links: We have integrated our growing library of FAQs on the website into the Helpdesk system. If there is a relevant FAQ that may have further useful information, we can now easily embed it into a ticket, and you can access the information with one click.

The new interface and features have been greatly appreciated by users. One annual subscriber said: "Demographix have always provided us with superlative support on a regular basis, and this will make our communications easier to manage and track."

Pickering added that helping customers get the most return on their investment also includes free training sessions for annual subscribers. "We want new users to get up and running with our systems and get the most from their data. Our systems are designed to make survey building, data collection, analysis and reporting as simplified as possible. They do not involve complex coding or a lengthy training process that can prove an added expense on other systems."

About Demographix: Demographix is the leading UK developer of online research tools, specialising in the publishing, broadcast, health, public, academic and hospitality sectors. The company develops technology with a wide range of browser and form factor compatibility, including tablets and smartphones. Demographix is the registered trademark of Demographix Limited. Demographix is a company partner of the Market Research Society. Company registered in England and Wales No. 4358487. Registered with the ICO No. Z1244335.