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Press Release 29 June 2015

Demographix releases new training programme

LONDON UK: Demographix, the leading UK developer of online research tools, has revamped its training course offerings to give its users more options in the kind of professional skills they want to develop.

"While most customers find our system very easy to get-to-know, they are amazed to discover lots of hidden tricks and tips which greatly improves productivity after training," said new Head of Insight, Gina Lee-Young.

For new users there's our ever-popular Online Surveys Essentials (course DT01), which covers basic survey build, analysis and reporting tools, as well as tips on common basic errors and advice on data protection. For those with some experience of the system, a new course called Unleashing the Power of Demographix (DT02) looks at advanced question types (such as Image Hotspots, Multimedia, and Card Sort) as well as using advanced analysis tools like Derived Variables.

"We are gearing up our training offerings to help our customers increase their return on investment," added director Bobby Pickering. "The more trained users that large organisations have using our system, the more they can broaden and deepen their business or organisational insights."

There is also a growing demand for training on using the Demographix panel management system, allowing users to take advantage of developing low-cost user panels. Introduction to Panel Management (DT03) covers everything from using email lists and registration surveys to populate a panel, and the use of HTML and plain text emails to send survey invites to the panel or subsets of it.

The company offers up to three free courses a year for its annual subscribers. Courses can be either online or on-site, depending on the number of people involved.

"Increasingly, what our customers are asking for is advice and ideas on advanced quantitative research techniques and reporting skills," said Lee-Young. "We have now introduced two new courses that offer this wider perspective."

Advanced Research Techniques (DT04) looks at incorporating interactivity in surveys to increase response levels, key customer satisfaction techniques (such as gap analysis and segmentation of data using Derived Variables), and long-term trend research. Advanced Reports and Presentation Techniques (DT05) covers techniques for beefing-up reports and presentations – from basic charting selection through to word clouds and infographics.

Courses are available online worldwide (90 minutes, £400) and in person on-site in the UK (2 hours, £750).

Download a PDF of the current Training Course Programme (opens in a new window )

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