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Press Release 15 September 2015

Managed services on the menu at Demographix

LONDON UK: Demographix, the UK's leading developer of online research tools, today announces a significant expansion of its managed services for customers’ in-house research. The company now offers a Full Project Management service at affordable rates to clients, alongside advanced reporting and infographic services.

The company said it will now offer clients greater support with all aspects of their online survey work – from questionnaire design and survey build through to analysis and reporting. It is also offering clients an infographics creation service, to really make their research data stand out from the crowd.

"We understand that there are times when our clients don’t have the necessary resources or in-house expertise to work on all aspects of the online survey process and this is where we can offer a helping hand," said Gina Lee-Young, recently appointed as Head of Insight.

"By using our managed services," she added, "clients will get the full benefit of our expertise and experience. We fully own our research technology and can customise our solutions in a more affordable way when compared to traditional research agency fees."

Among the managed services that Demographix now offers are:

  • Survey questionnaire design: The Managed Services team will work closely with clients to optimise their questionnaires, advising on what questions and structure work best in order to meet the research objectives.
  • Survey delivery: While Demographix is predominantly a self-build tool, its clients are often working to tight deadlines and occasions arise where they need to outsource the survey build process. The team offers flexibility with client specifications, no matter how quick the turnaround or how complex the project.
  • Panel management: The Managed Services team offers a full panel management service, doing everything from list management to HTML email design to final report generation – allowing clients to receive valuable longitudinal data on a regular basis. It also helps source panellists when required to allow targeting of specific segments of the population.
  • Insight and reporting: Demographix can step in at short notice to create a PowerPoint presentation or a PDF report of survey results. The Managed Services team can also pull off specific data reports – including crosstabs, filters, derived variables, open-end keyword analysis, and weighting – as required.
  • Infographics service: The infographics creation service can create powerful, eye-catching infographic visuals on behalf of clients, highlighting the salient points of their research. Click on the link below to see an example infographic based on our own in-house data.

Click here for an example infographic using Demographix data (opens in a new window )

Demographix director Bobby Pickering added: "Time-poor clients can leave the whole project in our hands by tapping into our full project management service. We will liaise with clients every step of the way to deliver a seamless end-to-end project that is truly cost competitive."

About Demographix: Demographix is the leading UK developer of online research tools, specialising in the publishing, broadcast, health, public, academic and hospitality sectors. The company develops technology with a wide range of browser and form factor compatibility, including tablets and smartphones. Demographix is the registered trademark of Demographix Limited. Demographix is a company partner of the Market Research Society. Company registered in England and Wales No. 4358487. Registered with the ICO No. Z1244335.