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Press Release 9 May 2016

Demographix surveys enhanced by the power of Card Sort

LONDON UK: Demographix has added a powerful new question type to its survey builder interface, allowing users to create questions with draggable images or text and sort them into categories.

Called Card Sort, these highly-visual questions allow its customers to build the most interactive, multi-platform surveys for the least amount of effort. They were made available to all users at no extra cost in early May 2016.

"Card Sort puts us well ahead of the competition in survey build tools that work on a full range of devices and platforms," said Derek Cohen, Demographix CEO. "They have been through a lengthy, thorough development process, and we are grateful to those customers who helped us test them."

Card Sort is a type of interactive question that allows respondents to use their mouse or a touchscreen display to drag and drop moveable Items into containers in order to sort or classify them. The draggable items can be words or images. Four types of Card Sort are available:

  • Sort text items into multiple containers
  • Sort images into multiple containers
  • Rank text items in specific order
  • Rank images in specific order

A Card Sort question allows a survey builder to define containers that respondents can sort items/images into. For example, a question could list a range or brands (or show brand logos) and allow respondents to drag these into categories depending on whether they are aware of the brand, are not aware of the brand, or aware and have used the brand.

Demographix is adding this powerful new technology to its line-up of question types at no extra cost to customers. Marketing director Bobby Pickering said: "Our users have been given a range of new survey-build tools in the past few years – from Image Hotspots and Date Pickers to Card Sort – that allow them to build the most interactive up-to-date surveys at no extra cost. What they like most is that our surveys work on all major platforms, and don't require complex coding to be learnt".

Demographix has also made adoption of the new technology easier by ensuring data analysis is consistent with existing technology. Card Sort questions can be used for Filters, Crosstabs and Derived Variables.

A User Guide outlining the essentials of using Card Sort is also available (opens in a new window )

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