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Press Release 28 July 2016

Demographix users give thumbs-up to Card Sort question

LONDON UK: The launch of Card Sort questions, our most powerful interactive question type ever, has been received with great enthusiasm by users. The new technology means users can create surveys that allow respondents to move text or images into answer containers – as if placing cards into sorted piles. Survey creators do not need to worry about complex programming to build these questions, nor about the different interfaces respondents use to answer a survey.

"We've found the new card sort questions work well, and in particular we like the way that analysis of data is exactly the same as for other [matrix and slider] question types," said one user. "This has meant no learning curve for analysing these questions."

There are four new card sort question types available: sort text items, sort images, rank text items and rank images. The ranking options have met with a great deal of enthusiasm.

One user said: "It feels a lot easier for respondents to use – where they select the objects, put them into a container, and then rank them. The original ranking question, where people are asked to move things above a line and then rank them, has its limitations, but the analysis toolset for both is very powerful." The new card sort ranking type also allows either text or images to be ranked.

Users have also asked for enhancements that Demographix has already implemented. Chief among these was to allow pages, questions and items to be conditionally displayed based on how answers were chosen in the two sorting question types. Demographix director Bobby Pickering said: "Depending on which object and container is chosen, you can activate conditionality for other parts of a survey. This allows for finely-honed respondent progression through questions that will increase response levels by showing only what is relevant in each case."

Additionally, to help keep things looking consistent, the border of the Items or Images to sort, and borders of the Card Sort containers, now match the colour selected for the progress bar when amending a survey's Appearance. This colour is used even if the progress bar is not used.

Card sort questions are device independent, but users are discovering that testing a survey in all environments as they build can lead to best practice awareness. "Streamlining the size and number of text items, and simplifying container headers, helps mobile and tablet users a lot, if you are expecting most respondents through those devices," said Head of Insight, Gina Lee-Young. "Images can all be designated as zoomable thumbnails, but keeping the options to a minimum helps."

The delivery of card sort questions in May concluded a major development project, and has allowed the Demographix Development team to move onto our biggest upgrade project ever: redefining the interface and technology in our panel management suite. Pickering said: "This is a significant and far-reaching work programme, the fruits of which will be available by year-end. Or I'll eat my hat."

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