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Press Release 10 January 2018

Consolidated multi-lingual surveys are on the rise

LONDON UK: Demographix is increasingly helping its customers with ambitious multi-language surveys, feeding the data into a single consolidated English-language version for easy analysis. The trend for complex multi-language surveys is growing as researchers need to gather attitudinal and market data from respondents in a globalised world.

Demographix CEO, Derek Cohen, said: "Customers requirements can range from a survey in several languages for a very specific market, right through to large-scale projects with 30+ language versions for a wider audience/feedback group. In each case we can create bespoke landing pages where respondents can choose the appropriate version of the survey, and consolidate the data."

Easy specification of Derived Variables
Landing pages can use images (left) or just words (right) to connect to versions of a survey

We now have language packs for 38 languages available to customers, and have scope to add language packs that are missing. Once the main English language survey is completed and signed off, customers can duplicate the survey and assign the copies to translators. When those surveys are complete, we create a landing page for the project and a consolidated survey, and then help customers test response-handling and analysis.

Some major multi-language projects we've handled

  • UK: Multiple-language surveys on health issues incorporating 30+ European languages
  • UK: Brand research in transport sector in English and French
  • UK: Welsh and English language surveys for a major broadcaster in Wales
  • Canada: Academic research in English and French (multiple clients)
  • South America: 3 versions of a survey in Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and Dutch
  • South America: Corporate brand research in English and Brazilian Portuguese
  • Australia: Health sector research incorporating responses from South-east Asian language speakers

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