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Press Releases 2015

Managed services on the menu at Demographix 15 September 2015

We now offer an expanded range of support services for busy in-house research teams. Our services include survey design and build, analysis and reporting, panel management, and a new infographics creation service.

Demographix releases new training programme 29 June 2015

We have extensively revamped our training course offerings to give Demographix users more options in the kind of professional skills they want to develop, including advanced research and reporting techniques.

Demographix hires Head of Insight to boost managed services 27 April 2015

Gina Lee-Young has been appointed to the new Head of Insight role. Her appointment signals a push to support customers who need more reporting and analysis skills on an ad hoc basis, or to develop them in-house.

Demographix Helpdesk updates give our users a big competitive advantage 5 January 2015

Our industry-leading policies on user support and efficient helpdesk response give all our customers a great advantage. Quick problem-solving and technical support means fewer lost unproductive hours.