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Research Blog 21 July 2015

Demographix releases new Date Picker question type

Demographix has released a new Date Picker question type, to allow the inclusion of easy-to-use calendar-based question in surveys.

The Date Picker question comes in four flavours: Any date; Date in the past; Date in the future; and Date within a range. When a respondent clicks on the question’s response box, an interactive calendar pops up, allowing them to select a date.

The different question types allow for date screen-outs: you can prevent respondents selecting dates from the future (if they are being asked for a "last purchase", for example) or dates from the past (if they being asked a date for a future meeting, for example). Dates within a range allows users to narrow down the available choices to a specific range.

The Demographix analysis toolset shows the data in the same way as write-ins, with dates in the format "12 Jul 2015", while the data downloads use the format "2015-07-12", allowing for easy sorting and grouping in Excel.

Date Picker has been tested on a full range of desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile devices, and all major recent iterations of the browsers that our system supports (IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari).

The new technology is provided at no extra cost to all our users on Pay-As-You-Go and Subscription tariffs. It is available for immediate deployment.