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Research Blog 25 June 2015

White paper briefing helps you get more from your data

So you’ve run your online survey and collected lots of fabulous data. Now what? Do you go off and create a whole load of bar charts like you've always done? Nothing wrong with that, of course, but if you feel that you’re stuck in a bit of a reporting rut, have a read of our brand new White Paper: “Getting More From Your Data”.

We hope this will provide you with some inspiration on different ways to get the most out of your data when including it in reports and presentations. A section on "charting", for example, gives hints and tips on the best types of charts (pie, bar, column, etc) to use for different kinds of data.

We've also got ideas on using images and icons for visual support of your numbers, creating Word Clouds for open ended questions, and taking things a step further by creating a super shiny infographic. The latter are visual summaries of key data in easily-digestible formats – great for handouts as well as presentations.

The white paper includes our very own effort at an infographic, as well as some handy tips for creating them yourself.

Click here to read our white paper: Getting More From Your Data ().

Any feedback or comments are welcome and if you have any fabulous examples of your own to share with us, we would love to see them. Simply email us at: