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Research Blog 22 August 2016

Demographix surprises: I didn’t know you could do that! Part 1

At Demographix we have an on-going programme of customer training, ranging from online beginners’ courses to more advanced in-house sessions. Here we share ten of the system features which trainees were very impressed with – or surprised by. Whether you’re a beginner or a power user, have a look at the list and see how many of them you already know about. There may be something that will surprise you, too.

1. Pre-defined answer lists
Lists are one of the often-overlooked features of our system; they are found in the Account Functions menu at the top right of the screen. We provide some standard answer lists to all accounts. These are denoted by an asterisk before the list name, and include UK regions, satisfaction levels and age ranges. In addition to these, you can also create and save your own lists of frequently-used answer options for use across surveys in your account. Apart from saving you time, using these pre-defined answer lists will ensure that there are no missing options or spelling mistakes and will help keep research in your organisation consistent over time.

2. Dynamic answer options
You may want to narrow down your answer options based on what has been selected in a previous question, and this is possible by ticking the box labelled “Derive available answers from answers to a previous question” when designing a question. For example, you may ask “Which of these stores have you shopped at?” and then ask a follow-on question “Which is your favourite store?”. The answer list in the second question will be dynamically generated on what has been ticked in the previous question. Dynamic answers allow for a slicker survey experience as it keeps questions relevant to the respondent.

3. Calculating averages for statements
You may be aware that you can calculate averages for numerical questions (such as age or income ranges) by clicking on the brown equals-symbol icon on the analysis page. Did you know that you can also create averages for other answer lists, such as for a scale of very satisfied to very dissatisfied? By applying a numeric value to each answer option, an average score will be calculated for the question, or each row of a matrix. These provide handy metrics, allowing you to quickly compare various statements in a matrix question or between questions with the same answer lists.

4. Colour matching from images
Did you know that you can easily match a colour from a logo or image to use in your survey? Apart from all the standard colours available to you in the Appearance toolset, you can use our colour-picker tool to select a specific colour from an image. This will then enable you to use this colour in your survey. To select a colour from an image, simply choose the “Pick from Image” option, which will enable a dropper icon to click on the colour required.

5. Resizing for mobile phones
We are seeing an increasing number of respondents fill out surveys via their mobile devices. Any Demographix survey will automatically resize for the screen width used (e.g. mobiles, tablets, desktop screens) so you can rest assured that respondents will have the best possible experience. Matrix questions will resize on small screens so that each row becomes an individual question shown sequentially. You can see how this looks by manually reducing the screen size on a desktop while in Preview Survey mode.

Continued in Part 2