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Research Blog 26 February 2016

FIPP spreads the word on dealing with dishonest respondents

Are you having problems with straight-liners, survey speeders, block voters or professional competition entrants? Demographix Head of Insight, Gina Lee-Young, has written an article with some advice for adopting strategies to identify and deal with these sorts of dishonest respondents.

It has been published online by FIPP, the worldwide magazine media association, and is available to read here.

Gina explains how you can use our data analysis tools, such as View Individual Responses, to look at metadata and decide if respondents are being too quick in answering a survey (they just want to enter for the prize draw and don't care what they answer) or giving incongruent responses. There's tips on how to include things such as trap questions that help you more easily identify culprits.

Gina's expertise in Infographics was the subject of an article in FIPP last year where she demonstrated how data is increasingly being used to create visually appealing and easily-digestible reporting. You can read that article, and see some great examples, here.