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Research Blog 27 January 2016

Festive Fun Quiz winners can sing the Hallelujah Chorus

The Festive Fun Quiz generated a lot of eager feedback again this year. Ten of you, however, have more reason than others to sing along to Handel's Hallelujah Chorus (correctly identified in the quiz by just about everyone - the clue was in the title).

We'd like to congratulate the 10 prize draw winners for 2015, all of whom have received a £50 Amazon voucher prize. They were: Heather Batten, Claudia Bennett, Fergus Carroll, Claire Devonport, Polly Fromant, Elisha Goodman, George Hopkinson, Meaghan Kall, Charlie Mitchell and Terence Newnham.

We used our View Individual Surveys tool to check that all those entered into the prize draw had achieved the threshold of correct answers (50%). Our random selection function in the Download Raw Data tool was used to select 10 respondents at random from all the eligible submissions.

We hope you have enjoyed the Festive Fun Quizzes over the past decade. The 10 prize draws since 2006 have created a total of 95 lucky winners.