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Research Blog 4 September 2017

A simple checklist to ensure your online survey is perfect!

Before you publish, take a quick look through this handy checklist

Gina Lee-Young is our very own Mary Berry when it comes to offering insight into creating a perfect online survey. She’s put together this handy checklist as a recipe for your success.

Checklist infographic

It's a simple list of things to check to ensure your survey rises beautifully and doesn’t have a soggy bottom! And, as the icing on the cake, Gina has prepared this wonderful infographic (click here for a PDF) of her survey checklist, to make it easier for you to print out and check off against any new survey you are about to publish.

Many of the items on the checklist won’t be obvious to new users, such as:

  • Use incentives to help increase response rates
  • Structure your survey around small pages of a few questions (this is especially relevant in our mobile connected world)
  • Rigorously check conditionality to ensure no-one sees a blank page
  • Add logos, images and banners as page headers to make your survey more appetising

And the best tip of all: think carefully about using a good mix of question types in the survey – card sorts, image hotspots, sliders, currants, sultanas, dried fruit, etc – as variety is the spice of life! Happy baking!

GET SOME HELP: Demographix is now offering a new Survey HealthCheck service. If you feel that you need an expert to cast an eye over your survey, we can do it for you. Click on the link to find out more.