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Research Blog 7 June 2017

Expanding menu of Managed Services offers more insight

Demographix customers now have access to an expanding list of the Managed Services we can fulfil. Managed services can be a welcome stopgap, especially for those who have limited resources or unexpected reports/presentations to put together. We can do all of these things for you:

  1. Custom reports: we can create great looking reports or presentations that highlight your survey findings using a combination of charts, graphics and analysis. Example custom reports
  2. Charting services: get us to chart all your survey results for you and tailor the output to your needs
  3. Infographics: these will give you insightful visualisations of your key data
  4. Panel management: we can set-up your panel, schedule emails, and report on changes to membership
  5. HTML emails for panels: let us build and send HTML emails that reflect your brand values
  6. Third party panels: no lists of your own? We'll guide you to work with third party suppliers to target people whose opinions you value
  7. Questionnaire Design: we can help you design the optimal survey script
  8. Survey Build: let us build and manage your online surveys for you
  9. Survey HealthCheck service: let us look over any important survey you have to ensure it is optimised and error-free. More information

To read more about our array of Managed Services offerings, click here.