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Research Blog 20 July 2017

Annual subscribers offered free summer login audit

One of our recommendations for all account holders is to use the summer holiday period to check on the logins for your accounts. Have any staff left, yet their account login details are still active? Are staff using other people's logins, meaning our Helpdesk responses are being misdirected?

This year we're offering to help all our annual subscribers out. We'll download an Excel spreadsheet and highlight all the logins that haven't been used in the past six months. You can then flag up the logins you want deleted and we'll do the work for you. It's also an opportunity to check if staff are using other people's logins, thereby creating data security issues that should be quickly addressed.

"Data security is such an important aspect of account management that we encourage everyone to have an annual audit," said company director Bobby Pickering. "It's very easy to forget about deleting logins when people have left an organisation, as managers' attention is often diverted onto getting new staff in place and trained. But we can help!"

What to do: Account Managers (or Full Users deputising for them) should simply put a Helpdesk ticket into Demographix with the subject: "Free Summer Login Audit", and a request for a report on current logins, and we'll send it to you. We'll also specify where you can return the marked-up file if you have logins to delete, or any new logins you want us to create for you.

We can also provide Account Managers with a similar survey audit, highlighting old unarchived data that may no longer be needed. Please phone us to discuss details.

Note: The offer is open until the end of August 2017 only.