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Research Blog 18 April 2017

Management house-keeping checklist for Account Holders

Demographix offers a management toolset that allows Account Holders and top-level users to manage logins, surveys and shared group assets with ease. Here are some tips on keeping your account in order, and standardising research across your surveys and users.

  1. User log-in monitoring: Creating user logins is straightforward – simply fill out our form and logins can be automatically created. You are limited as to the number of top-level users you can create, but you can have any number of colleague logins, who are able to edit surveys or analyse data depending on the permissions you give them. However, it is important to regularly monitor your users, and in particular to delete the logins of those who have left your organisation. This is important for data security. You can download an Excel spreadsheet of all users, showing when they last logged in, and other details. Using the batch processing tools, Account Holders can manage large groups of logins easily by changing their status levels or deleting them.
  2. Managing surveys: The most important aspect of survey management in your account is to ensure that surveys are closed when you have finished gathering data. While you may not be actively promoting a survey, links to it could still be in circulation, and you need to close the survey to responses to ensure the integrity of your data. In the survey management toolset you can re-order surveys by oldest first and keep an eye on those that have not received responses for any given period of time. We also allow batch processing to simplify this process.
  3. Keeping answer lists up-to-date: Lists are commonly used answer sets ("Agree-to-disagree", "age ranges", "respondent localities", etc) that can be set up and easily inserted into surveys. Using lists ensures that an answer set is complete, correctly spelt, and consistent across surveys to standardise your research. You can edit or delete answer lists, and they are available across all the logins in your account. Keep an eye on them, though, and delete ones that are out-of-date or superseded by new lists.
  4. Managing media assets: Key branding assets – such as logos for your products or services – need to be kept up-to-date and categorised for efficient management. Create folders for images, videos and audio files for each project or brand you have. A folder of logos should also be monitored and updated regularly.
  5. Encourage users to keep contact details fresh: Encourage your users to keep their personal details up-to-date. Make sure all your users know how to actively manage their log-in details, and can update their own phone numbers and email addresses if they change. This is especially important if they are using the Helpdesk and need our assistance – we need to be able to get back to them with help. You may also think it a good idea to ask them to change their passwords from time-to-time.

Time spent managing surveys, assets and logins increases overall productivity and ensures your corporate or organisation reputation remains at an optimum level.