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Research Blog 5 March 2018

Demographix charting service gets great feedback

We have been experiencing increasing demand for our charting services in recent months, keeping our Insight team under manager Gina Lee-Young very busy. The service is proving popular because many of our customers have tight deadlines for debriefing their surveys and our fast turnaround times can prove a real draw.

As one public sector customer recently told us: "Your services are very helpful for us and they've saved so much time – we had a very tight schedule for creating the presentation, and you turned it round smoothly."

example chart

Apart from the obvious time saving benefits, creating charts of your data can also help with understanding the trends and issues far more readily than simply looking at a spreadsheet of top-line figures or presenting a long list of write-ins.

A good set of branded charts can make a world of difference to how internal stakeholders and managers perceive the value of the data that you are presenting to them.

Said one satisfied customer after a results briefing: "The charting work you did for us was just brilliant!"

She added: "The PowerPoint presentation we received had all the key data clearly displayed in excellent charts and the selection of write-in pull quotes was spot-on. It saved us a lot of time, and meant our delivery of key data to the team was presented on time."

We also work with you to ensure that the correct templates, colours and logos are used to reflect your brand values. A recent major Telecoms sector customer had this to say: "We had a lot of data that we needed charting in a hurry – roughly 60 slides – and we were very impressed with the way the output reflected our brand and values. It's hugely reassuring to know this service is available so quickly and efficiently – we will absolutely be utilising this service again!"

Maybe it's time you saved yourself a lot of work and let us carry the load?

What does it cost?

Charting is one of several managed services we offer our customers, alongside scripting surveys, running Survey HealthChecks and writing reports. Our charting service is flexible and we will work with you to tailor the output entirely to your needs. Our prices are also very affordable, examples of which can be seen here:

  • £200 for up to 10 charts
  • £375 for up to 30 charts
  • £750 for up to 60 charts

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