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Research Blog 12 October 2018

Visualise our managed services as an infographic eye-opener

A range of services at your fingertips and easy on your budget!

Did you know that Demographix offers services far beyond simply hosting your online surveys? All at a very competitive price! We can take on full project management and reporting for you, or turn around a range of projects based on our flexible skills base.

Managed services infographic

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  • Questionnaire Design: Not sure about what questions to ask, how to word them or what type of questions would work best? We can help design and structure your questionnaire for optimal results.
  • Survey Build: We can script surveys for you based on your draft of a questionnaire. We will also offer advice and suggestions for improvements if applicable. Fast turnaround guaranteed!
  • Survey HealthCheck: If you are new to survey builds, this service is designed for you. We give your survey a thorough once-over after you build it, giving you peace of mind that the survey is optimised and error-free.
  • Panel Management: We can set up and manage panels for you, including creation of HTML emails. We can also source a sample of respondents for you, working with a third party supplier.
  • Charting and Reports: We have in-house expertise to chart survey results for you or even create a full report including analysis and visuals, tailored to your needs.

Our customers love our service for it's speed, attention to detail and our expertise. Said one satisfied customer: "You offer such a great and fast service – turnaround for survey builds is unmatchable. We appreciate all the support you give, and your surveys look so great across the board". And another: "What we appreciate most of all is the personal touch – your service is quick, effective and enthusiastic."

All our Managed Services are flexible and we will tailor the quote to your project and work to your deadlines. If you are interested in talking to us about your project, please email and let us take care of the rest.