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Research Blog 20 July 2018

Your new User Interface is ready to roll!

Over the next six weeks, we'll be moving everyone to a bright new interface that will make Demographix even easier to use – especially for new users – and make survey building and management a whole lot simpler.

We thought we'd share some screengrabs of how our new interface looks. We hope it will light up your screen with its icon-rich environment, and make you eager to start using it (more about when you can do that, below). Our first screengrab shows what the new dashboard looks like. You can manage your surveys more easily, such as ordering them by any of the sortable columns, or get started on a new one...

watch quiz

Click on any survey to get a responsive pop-up menu showing all the available actions for that survey. These will depend on the status of the survey – for instance, the Data Actions are only shown if the survey has been published and has started to collect responses. The Account menu functions (shown listed in the blue strip at top right, below) have also been consolidated and enhanced. The Manage menu now includes our newly-launched GDPR tools for higher-level log-ins.

watch quiz

Sortable columns, pop-up responsive menus, and enhanced and extended account functions are all requests our customers have made. Customer needs have been the guiding principle of all the changes to the interface we have made. But notice how much, overall, the basic layout and structure has not been altered. We wanted the transition to the new interface for existing users to be as seamless and unproblematic as possible. No pain, but lots of gain!

Eager to get your hands on the new interface? Delivery of the new UI is being carried out in a phased rollout, beginning with customers who have expressed an interest in participating in advance trials. Full implementation is expected to be complete by the end of August.