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Research Blog 4 March 2019

Making the most of your Demographix subscription

When you signed up to use Demographix, you probably did so with a specific survey or set of surveys in mind. All of our customers use Demographix in different ways and we wanted to highlight some of the types of surveys you can create which could be beneficial to your organisation.


Broadly speaking, surveys can be split into 4 types, although there can be an overlap between these:

1. Market Research surveys
2. Internal surveys
3. Forms and data collection surveys
4. Feedback surveys / Votes / Polls

We will look at each of these types in turn, and ask how they can help your organisation.

1. Market Research Surveys: The broadest of all categories, market research surveys help you better understand the market or area/discipline you operate in. Surveys may be sent out to your specific audience, such as consumers of your products/services or members of a group.

Some examples of these types of surveys are: reader surveys, customer satisfaction surveys, product testing, ad effectiveness testing or category research (e.g. travel, finance, education). The scope is huge to improve your learning about any aspect of your market.

So why are they useful? They can give you quick and accurate insights into who your audience are and what they think. Your findings can be used to back up strategies you wish to put in place or to identify areas for development. Qualitative feedback (e.g. from write-in/verbatim questions) can help you further understand important issues or provide ideas for doing things differently.

2. Internal Employee or Supplier Surveys: These types of surveys can be focussed on the employees of a company/organisation or their suppliers. In larger organisations, these are often conducted by the Human Resources department, but they don’t have to be. Examples include employee satisfaction surveys, employee appraisals, 360 degree feedback surveys, and HR exit interviews.

Why are they useful? Well, they allow you to find out what employees really think and may provide specific recommendations for improvement. These may be company-wide, on a department level, or an individual level. The data will help you build actionable insights for teams or individuals. Also, by administering this type of survey on a regular basis, you can track satisfaction levels and other important issues over time. Surveys of this nature are often confidential and by using Demographix you have the reassurance that all the data is kept securely and can only be accessed by those who should have access.

Some companies use feedback surveys to track their relationships with suppliers, in a business-to-business feedback loop. You can even have 360 supplier feedback where the supplier rates the company and the company rates the supplier to pinpoint where problems are occurring or flag up successful new ways of working that could be developed.

3. Forms and Data Collection Surveys: These are often practical in their nature and help keep important data in one place. Examples include event registration forms, training sign-up forms, competition entry forms or any other type of form which you require an audience or cohort to fill out.

Why are they useful? Forms and other types of data collection surveys help keep everything in one place, which is secure and can be easily accessed by the survey owner. It also means the data is already collated for you and can be downloaded into Excel or analysed with a click of a button using our data analysis tools such as filters and crosstabs. Why struggle with paper forms ever again?

4. Feedback Surveys, Votes and Polls: These types of surveys are designed for instant feedback on the topic of your choice. They can be feedback surveys (e.g event feedback, product feedback) or to administer a vote (e.g. employee of the year or votes for an awards night). We also have Quick Poll option on Demographix which lets you ask a single question that can be attached to a website and which generates an instant results chart when the poll has been submitted.

Why are they useful? It is always useful to capture feedback and use it to further your understanding of a topic or group of people, and make improvements where necessary. If you are running a voting survey, you can get real-time data on the front runners by looking at the analysis. Similarly, Demographix Quick Polls are a fun way to engage with your audience and also give them instant feedback on the current standings that you can feed into a web page. These types of surveys are useful for topical and in-the-moment feedback.

We have seen Demographix being used for all of the above survey types and encourage you to think about other ways to use Demographix that you hadn’t considered previously. Imagining new ways of data collection and feedback will help you make a greater return on your investment in online research.

If this blog has inspired you to try out a new type of survey on Demographix we would love to hear from you. We can also give you some guidance to get you started if required. You can contact us via the Helpdesk or by clicking Contact Us.