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A Quick Feature-Comparison Chart

Does your online research provider offer all that we can? Use this handy checklist to measure us against other online research technologies.

Feature How it helps you Demographix Your Provider
Unlimited survey responses We don’t charge per-response or "completes" so you won't pay extra no matter how many responses your surveys collect
No fee per user license Have separate logins for each member of your research team and other interested parties, each with their own access permissions
Full mobile and touchscreen compatibility All surveys work seamlessly across desktop, mobile and touch devices and automatically adapt to different screen sizes
UK-based telephone and online helpdesk support Fast and effective service with around one-hour response time during office hours
UK-based data storage All survey and panel data is kept on highly secure UK-based servers
Lower training costs Users require minimal training to get working with our system, reducing your costs. Free training sessions on-site for UK subscription customers
No coding or programming required Point-and-click simplicity to create conditionality, routing, derived variables, answer masking, etc
Easy learning curve Get building surveys immediately, without lengthy training courses being required
Fully hosted system No IT requirements – nothing needs to sit on your servers or be installed on your computer. Your survey data can be accessed from any internet-enabled computer
Automatic response collection No need to manually upload or batch-process responses. All reports and stats available in real-time
Advanced analysis features Standard analysis tools include derived variables, weighting, multiple crosstabs, nett-gross toggle on percentage calculations, etc
Simple visual customisation Survey appearance easily customised – with point-and-click setting of brands, imagery, fonts, colours, backgrounds, and more
Collaborative tools for multi-user environments User logins within an account have collaboration tools – including sharing scrapbook questions, answer lists, media, and more
Response and device source tracking See whether respondents came from print, email, webpage or social media links, as well as the devices they've used
Top-end functionality for mid-range cost All the functionality of a high-end research system with big cost savings. Why are you pouring money down the drain?
Longitudinal research capabilities Easily track respondents’ answers across multiple surveys to measure trends over time
Integrated panel tools Manage panel members and schedule email invitations without the need for standalone email tools
HTML5-based interactivity Interactive questions are fully functional whatever browser or device respondents are using
Data Compatibility Any ID, reference or URL tags required by third party data providers can be automatically included in survey follow-on URL
Social sharing tools One-click options to enable surveys to be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn or by email