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Example Infographic Design

A powerful way to convey a survey's key findings in a compelling format.

Our research team can create a highly-visual infographic based on key findings from your survey. We will work closely with you to decide which areas you wish to highlight as it is important to focus on key messages rather than cover everything.

Our example infographic below showcases the different Managed Services Demographix can offer in a visually compelling way. Each stage of the online survey process is accompanied by a visual and some explanatory text. Also included at the bottom is a customer verbatim to add human interest.

We believe an infographic should be visually attractive, with clear and consistent fonts and colours, as well as relevant support visuals to go with the data. It is also important not to overdo the amount of data shown as this will lessen the impact.

There are many templates to choose from depending on the type of data you wish to display. We will advise on the best format for you, using a bespoke infographic creation tool.