Online Technology for Research & Insight

Be more compatible and compliant

Collect better quality data from the mobile social media generation.

Mobile Devices

Compatibility with all mobiles and tablets

Your respondents are increasingly on the move, but you can rest assured that all your surveys are automatically formatted to work with whichever device or browser is being used – whether it's a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Who needs the headache of creating special versions of a survey for different devices? Plus, we track what devices are used to submit data.

Social Media

Maximise exposure with social media sharing

You have the option of making your surveys available for respondents to share via Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In or email – if they share on social media then a link to the survey will become visible in the timeline of their friends and followers. When you run your data analysis you will see how many completes came from these shares.

Tick consent

Maintain GDPR compliance with special tools

GDPR compliance is a worry in a research setting, where it can be second-nature to gather personal data about respondents. Our system alerts survey builders to label any write-in collecting personal data as a PID question. This limits data access and makes data redaction easier. It also acts as a reminder that they must add an opt-in statement for active consent.

Brand Protection

Maintain your brand continuity and trust

Your surveys can be a seamless extension of your online brand presence, so respondents will feel comfortable taking part in a survey which matches your website. No Demographix branding is included in your surveys, even for the survey URL if we apply special "friendly" URLs. All visual aspects can be customised including headers, logos, fonts, colours and text styles.

Repeat savings

Dedupe the work involved in survey creation

There’s no need to duplicate effort by recreating any aspect of a survey that is to be repeated – be it questions, answer lists, images, multimedia content or the whole design style of a survey. All these can be duplicated and re-used. In particular, research involving trend tracking often uses the same survey with minor changes repeatedly. Our duplication tools can make great savings!